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Jen said: 'I did get a little bit intimidated going into the shoot.

The moment was captured on video and didn't take long to surface on Twitter.

As Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports noted, Lemieux and the Stanley Cup and swimming pools go way back.

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In the final shoot, Leah Costa tried to steal a kiss from Matty, 30, while they posed on a motorcycle together, but he turned away at the last minute.'I think it'd be a little bit inappropriate in front of the girls,' said Matty, who appeared rather annoyed Leah had tried to kiss him just to make the others jealous.'He looked really unimpressed,' remarked Simone, 25, who was watching the scene unfold from a nearby balcony.

In competitive swimming, one of the most essential elements of getting a good time is diving technique.Swimmers are taught to stand on the blocks or at the edge of the pool, bend their knees, push off, and enter the water at an angle with their hands forward.A bad dive -- hitting the water on your belly or diving too deep -- can cost you valuable seconds and even make you lose a race.As Florence Alexandra Sophia stripped down to a red bikini for a pool photoshoot with Matthew Johnson, series 'villain' Jen Hawke revealed her jealous side.Jen, who was cast as a background extra in a surf life saver costume, eventually decided to strip down to her swimsuit and dive in to 'steal' Matty away.He and his Penguins infamously partied with the Cup during their back-to-back wins, and it ended up in the bottom of his pool.

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