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“This girl was looking for love and safety like any abused woman,” Salaime said, “a girl who was trying to find someone to love her and to keep her safe.” Days before her death, Henriette’s parents and uncles tried to persuade her to go back home.

Police were called, but Henriette declined assistance from an officer, Haaretz reported.

On Sunday, about a month after Henriette’s death, Israeli police charged her father, Sami Karra, with murder, Israeli media outlets reported.

Authorities allege Karra killed his daughter over his “vehement opposition” to her relationship with the young Muslim man and her intentions to convert to Islam for him, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing a criminal indictment.

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Karra’s attorneys asserted their client’s innocence and criticized what they claimed was a lack of forensic evidence in the case.

Henriette’s death last month spurred protests in her home town and outrage from community leaders and lawmakers who claimed the authorities, knowing about the teenager’s dangerous family environment, did not do enough to protect her.

“The school knew about the problem, the neighbors knew about the problem,” Samah Salaime, founding director of Arab Women in the Center, said in an interview with The Washington Post. She was in the police station a week before she died.” Salaime, whose organization focuses on combating gender-based violence against women, has met with the teenager’s relatives and community members to learn more about her case.

She said the killing underscored the problem of widespread violence against women, including a string of killings of Israeli-Arab women.

Then, on June 11, Henriette and her parents met with a social worker at the bequest of the police.


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