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Since then, Waters' films (which include Cry-Baby, Hairspray, and Cecil B.

De Mented) have gradually become more mainstream, but they've never been your typical Hollywood fare.

What might he do to a poor interviewer in a conversation?

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His film Hairspray was turned into a Broadway musical, and now the show, in turn, is being made back into a movie starring John Travolta.

Waters has also finished shooting his parts for a new television series on, of all stations, Court TV.

He doesn't try to seem off-kilter or exploit his topics for attention; no, he's truly fascinated by outsider culture.

And, yes, while the idea of a John Waters love album seems strange, it's a damn fine compilation.

And if that isn't disturbing enough, Waters decided to take the idea a step further by compiling a collection of ... love songs; released in time for Valentine’s Day, it's titled A Date With John Waters.

What becomes most apparent during our conversation is that Waters truly loves what he does.On this particular day, however, Waters is not discussing film or television.Instead, he's discussing another project, this one involving music.If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.Preparing to interview John Waters is an intimidating task.Titled Til Death Do Us Part, the show chronicles real-life tales of marriages that end in murder.

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