plain white ts dating delilah - Pagdating ni magellan

After the trading was concluded, and to the surprise of the Europeans, the second group of Chamorros joined the group that was fighting.

Some islanders cut the rope of one of the skiffs off the and took it.

Magellan arranged a punishment for this perceived theft, disembarking the next day and setting some settlements on the coast on fire. Following an old medieval superstition, the European sailors who were sick asked crew members, who took part in the attack, to bring back the entrails of the dead nativs, so that they could eat them and recover their health.

In the maps of the 16th century, the “Islands of Thieves” represented the first geographical reference to new lands in the Pacific.

Nang dumating si Magellan sa Limasawa noong Marso 16, 1521, ang Pilipinas ay isa ng bansang Muslim.

At the tip of South America, he discovered the strait that now bears his name, but after reaching Asia he was killed in the Philippines.

Only one of the remaining two ships with eighteen survivors of the expedition returned to Spain, completing the first circumnavigation of the earth.The officer returned with a blow of his machete, at which the islanders jumped into the water, returned rapidly to their proas and started to throw spears at the ship, hurting some of the Europeans.Another group of Chamorros came from shore and went over to the ships and started trading while the first group continued throwing spears.He knew Spain was looking for a route towards the Spice Islands without crossing the Portuguese area of the world established by the Treaty of Tordesillas, Magellan presented a plan of expedition to Charles V of Spain.The expedition departed from Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain on 20 September 1519, with five ships: the flagship .In 1513 Magellan was injured during combat in northern Africa, and since then he suffered with a limp.

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