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From my experience, Girls look out for the following in MEN. They want confident men People think money, muscles get you the girls….

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For men, have you noticed that when you compliment a girl on her beauty, she shies away from you?

But when you add a little disqualification to it, or notice a flaw on her, she gets more involved in the conversation and takes you more seriously.

You cannot convince a woman to feel attraction for you.

Let me explain, Just because you’re rich, attractive, successful, drive a nice car, take her to fancy dinners, buy her expensive things, that won’t make her feel attraction for you.

Wake up on a Monday morning and surprise her with an outing to Munyonyo, yes, on a Monday when she expects you to be at work, you surprise her.

Mystery is what makes the relationship fun and worth looking forward to. Predictable men get dumped, Mysterious men do the dumping. Have Goals In Life Women are looking for security, they want to see themselves in your future.

It enables mobile users to choose who knows where they are and when, giving them full control of their desired privacy.

By Ian Ortega I strongly disagree with People who think that MONEY GETS YOU A WOMAN!!! The only difference is that men act different with money, they tend to have better levels of confidence.

Chizo, a world’s gateway to meet people looking to share love is a location-based social search mobile app which uses Facebook to enable mutually interested users to chat.

To some people, the app has always been the oasis of long lasting relationships while others looking for short-time relationships or just to date for fun Chizo remains a better option. Further activities to will continue across different countries in Africa with a view of popularizing the app.

Women don’t like money, and money won’t make her get attracted to you.


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  2. The kind of pretty prize that you can picture bringing home.

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