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After that, she scored the role of Sharpay Evans in Disney's "High School Musical".She later reprised her role as Sharpay in the series' big screen adaptation titled "High School Musical 3: Senior Year".

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There Ashley tried rings on for over an hour – leaving with a brand new ring on her wedding ring finger!

Pics of them shopping and ring browsing after the jump …

She has said that she will soon be starting work on her next album.

Disney star and former “Hellcats” actress Ashley Tisdale has split with her boyfriend of two years, Scott Speer.

Other Disney Channel shows she has worked on, are Phineas and Ferb voicing the character of Candace, and Kim Possible voicing villain Camille Leon.

Ashley was born as Ashley Michelle Tisdale in Monmouth County, New Jersey on July 2, 1985, to Lisa and Mike Tisdale. She has 1 older sister, Jennifer Tisdale, who is also an actress.Ashley Michelle Tisdale is an American actress and singer who plays Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical movies.She is also well known for her role as Maddie Fitzpatrick in the popular Disney Channel show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.Ashley is currently dating Jared Murillo, who was a dancer for High School Musical: The Concert.In 2007, Tisdale underwent nose surgery for medical reasons, having an 80 percent deviated septum, as well as two small fractures on her nose.Other editors will be able to edit your text in a collaborative way.


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