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Today, under my sweatshirt, I was wearing a plain black t-shirt.

It tingled as waves of pleasure moved from the throbbing tip to the base of my balls and through to my ass. He lifted up and his t-shirt to expose his smooth hard stomach.

The boy on the other seat now looked at me fixedly and I began to panic a little. The answer to my question soon became obvious as he mirrored what I had just done and rubbed his own crotch. He gently pressed on the smooth flesh creating a gap between his trousers and his stomach and slid his whole hand into his trousers.

My eyes scanned the group as they came aboard, picking out the attractive young guys. He was medium height with beautiful smooth skin and light brown hair.

He entered the bus and a few seconds later I heard his footsteps as he ran up the stairs. He had eyes that were so blue that even from my position near the back of the bus I could see them standing out against his lightly tanned face.

As he released he hold on his cock I saw a damp spot where the pre-cum had oozed from rock hard member.

I had a sudden impulse to touch it but I resisted for now.We would strip down to the waist and take off our shoes and socks and try to pin each other for a count of three.I always had a raging boner even before we began, so you can imagine, after a few minutes of forcing my an arm between my best mates legs, grasping his ass and feeling the heat of his balls against my forearm I was ready to cum in my pants! On this occasion I was on the public bus travelling from my home to school.My heart began to pound in my chest as I started to fantasise about what his hard cock might look like. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, I began to rub with the heal of my hand against the swollen head of my cock. I began to sweat a little with the excitement and the heat.By now my own boner was straining to be let free and I casually moved my hand down and rubbed it a couple of times. I passed my hand over my brow and he wiped his at almost the same time. I sat sideways on the seat with one leg stretched out over the cushion and slid my hand just under the waist of my trousers so that the tips of my fingers could touch my cock.We were stuck in traffic as usual and the bus was moving in fits and starts and boy was it hot!


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