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To make it real easy to control, click on the button in the center of the arrows with the spyglass icon. In this mode, you can draw a box around an object and it will pan/tilt/zoom to that object. The first is Conditions where you set the image settings.If you just click on the screen, it centers the image at the point of your click. Below you can see there’s a sub-menu in the center with different choices, in this case, I clicked on Exposure that allows you to change settings to the shutter settings, WDR, BLC, HLC and such.Using the technology of Dynamic DNS, Remote Access allows you to remotely access your computer, DVR, webcam, camera system, and other devices using an easy to remember custom hostname.

What makes them unique compared to past PTZ cameras I’ve reviewed like the ACTi, Axis and Panasonic PTZ is the built in IR LEDs.

Most cameras I’ve worked with will claim 20m, 30m IR working range, but that’s misleading as you don’t know how they tested that, meaning was that lighting up a person at 30m or a reflective surface at 30m and what are the exposure settings.

What makes this camera unique from other PTZ as well as other IR PTZ’s from Dahua or Hikvision is that it can tilt up 15 degrees above the horizon.

If you have ever owned a PTZ, you know what I mean, very annoying when you can’t see past the horizon.

If you have a previous model Dahua, all will seem familiar.

What’s different is the PTZ controls and menu on the right side.

If the IR was off, the house at the end would be very dark, but you can see the light on face of the house.

You can click on the images to see the full size from the camera.

Our Dynamic DNS solution allows you to choose a unique hostname (ex: My Home.dyndns.org) and link it to any IP-compatible device (router, webcam, security camera, DVR, thermostat, computer, file storage, etc.).

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