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and other articles kept by Druggists gc Dcrally PHYSICIANS' PUESCRIPTIGNS CARE- FULLY COMPOUNDED. Minnesota' The a Vo Ve articles have been bought low (of (Jasli, selected with great care, and will b« warraiitdd as rcpvesentsd, and sold ut the verjr lowest lash price. Enrly near Winchester, was de feated, and was retreating on Harper's Ferry. The Govern- ment had r- moved stores and wounded and the inhabitants were preparing to leave. A GENTLEMAN, eured of Nervous Debility, Incompetency, Premature D and Youthful Error, KOtuated bya .esire toienea- otlien* will be happy to lurnish to all wb» need it. It is no cxager.ition to say that Ifever and Ague kills more people than any twenty other diseases in America. During that jcriod nearly * dozen competing * have been etarted, ruti earecr.s of greater or Jess length, ji Tidbavcoj ired Tbc Wkkki.v Pio. THE PIONEER looks upon the Federal Ad - mini- as the only legal or possible expo- J nenl ami agent, during its term, of ihe aeiiv«» joiwcr of the (iovernmeut. Pure Wines and Brandies for Medicinal Pui poses, PATENT MEDICINES, ETC., Letter, Cap and Note l^aper&f Pencils, Superior Ink. A Wheeling dispatch of the 2Gth states that Gen Kelly telegraphed Gov- ernor Borman on the night of the 25th that Crook had a desperate fight with Gen. New York, July 27.— The Commer cial says a gentleman from Frederick states there was much excitement there on Moi KJay and Tuesday. This it tbe condition of thousands in town and country. re of them, ll'-member that the Lidy'ii Peok is the ofi;iiiiul publiealion an.l the • number,: ^ esid";? THE WEEKLY PION Was the first new sjiaper published wi*fcin th limits of Minnesota, and has been contia • uouitly since lfc4l». but in its crimiualilj' ; andtho pidicies which w ill .'oonest and mo.-t c GTectua'ly end it, aud the spirit which gave it being, are tl o policies which The Pioneer will most heartily sustain.

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Other things can be done better than attacking the enemy in their works, and Sherman is not like ly to force an engagement in which the enemy will have very great advant.age_ Ueliable information has been received that every thing is going on right. Informavon re ceived from an officer at the front, says in two battles in front of we have destroyed the better portion of the enemy's two best corps. Kosscau and staff arriv- ed last night from 3Iarietta. 'J he mail steamer John Brooks ar- rived here this morning from City Point, which place she left yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. The Da'lv Pioxeku isconfidentl} in«ended as without a superior in rccpeci to the pencral attractiveness ot its columns, and to its f T;ll hnd' accurate digest of news ol every class, aud lieu all quart :n-. (by mail) $s,co 4.09 2.00 •7 ».t.* of daily inaila PROSPECTUS FOR 1SC4.

There appears to be no dis position on our part to hasten the occu pation of Atlanta. He captured and paro Ucd 2,000 rebels ; killed and wounded 200j also captured 800 horses and mules and a to take place on our part. Government only allows this announcement at present. Everybody who wants a Crst el-ss Ne WKpapcr, should Take the Press, Because in . MODKL COTTAGES No other magaziue has thia d«partmcnt. THE DAILY PIONEER Wa^ tho fir«t Daily pap*" ^nblishtd within th^ limitsof the Siatc, and has been iifsned with( u interruj. To subfcriltr^ at p lii'ts wbl« h are served with a oaily ■;':" ''"'■'■' ''•''^' ^'••*'-'-- '■'•^' ^^^ al.uadst tr,th;,t wekm.wpeneetly „, .chine,, i, ,„„ .part of the ti.a« ,.

, , • roads : and, ihrontrh them with the whole Rail- | ^^^''■;,^^ ^» ^^e interests *.f the whole Ixnrs- way System of the Norlhwesf, Central West and i J'^'^^ ^ '"«i;^'Tr.

Connections At the Ohio River, with and Piff.«burg Central Ohio, and Marietta an.l Ruil^ j n .

On theevcningofthel Oth and morn ing of the 20th Howard Hooker and Palmer crossed with tho balance of their corp«, forming a line all along the south bank of the creek. The rebels loss in killed, wounded and missing, exceeds 6,000, including two brigadier general-. And the o.v LV magnzine thatcfip bo introduced into the above olub.'iu place of the Lady's Book, is Arthur'^ l Iome. Mi MARKETS and becau-'c its circulation being Pol UI.

After considerable skirmishing the rebels were dislodged, and a por- tion of Howard's corps cro Fsed our left, in the meantime scouring round to At- lanta and Augusta Railroad near Dcca tur and turning up several miles of the track. Our lo«s will reach 2,000, principal- ly from Hooker's corps. and an extra copy to the pi I son tending the club, 520. tary and Oo T..mvreialre;ort^ o Jihe li OUA'L AND '(JEN- ER.

Hood appears to have been much chagrined about the fight of the 22d. All tho Railroads leading from At- lanta except the Macon road have been destroyed. Dy the anivalof the mail boat from City Point, we have intelligence of great interest from Grant. Every Pkepublican and Uu".'»n man should Talv C i Lo Press, Beeanpoit is tbtfonly Republican or reliable Un- ion Journal publi.-bcdat ibe capital. Weori;^iually started this do- parimeut alone is worth tlio price of tho Book. engraving.' and de- scriptions of every'articlo that a lady wears. TO ANY r OST OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES One copy one year, . CO Twenty- or more copies each, one year 1.5* All subscriptions payable in advince. It has from the lir&i been tic rai'er of the State Ilspu Mi^bcrs will aim to keep it so. ,, g^ low that Boinc of the ^"^^ ■ "^ ^.r'"''^"l r ■"''': v";7 " I ':-!

Capt Baker, 35th Kentucky, routed a par'y of guerillas at Knob's Creek, Poullitt County on the morning of the 23d, capturing a number of hroses and arms. We have not yet occupied Atlanta, but it is believed here that we have done better than that and arc keeping Haod's army. K larg:eandriberal list of Prcmium^is offer* forlarirer Clubs of subseribors. address EMfi RT & CO , 264 Lake Btreet, Chicago Ills. LIOM AM) THi: UNION, if iu every eity, lown and ward I he canvas.- bo a*, once begun by persuading every intc Hi;',ent voter to Take llic Press. Receipts npi Mi all subjects are to be found in tho piges of the Lady's Book. •• ^ tion in every department of news-^cmploying * for this purpiose, as hitherto, every available as- sistance within their reach. .0 '.*■ ^'W* One cf.pj-one year I'ive or more copies each, one year 1.74 Ten or more copies each, one year l.

It is untrue that the rebels occupy Frederick or Hagerstown. COPPER SHEET IRON, JAr Aj^NED and p Tessed Wares, STOVES. I hereby certify I bare been arflcted l*'ith gor« Eyes one year, a Uo my wife and throe chil- dren, 1 havo been under tbe trentniont of Dr. Address all business letters to TIIE PIOx N'EER PRINTING COMPANY, Saint Paul, Miunesot* 8 00 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad This GREAT NATIONAL TUOROUGII FAlt E is again open for Freights aud Travel.

Car airy skirmishing has occurred at Will- iamsport. The officers are to be appointed by the Mayor, and the force will coo- stitutc a part of the special defence of the city. We bare also a splendid assortment of BOOKS & STATIONARY! The undersigned wou H improve the opportunity nef fferedto acknowledge the favors heretofore receirt^aj.d uld respectfully say to his old patrotii and all ut'uctt at he is now receivins a newsupply of STOVES & STOCK tn his line, and will be better prepared than heretofore t« supply them with a rarlety of Tm. If the rondcr of this *'natice" oan Job Work and Repairing will reet Wetpeeial and prompt attentloii. ilie people of ihc| blue Kartb Vallvyto callaad examine the twle & ^ualitg of our Attention. The Pioneer Printing Company continno to execute Book and Job Printing and Book Binding of every description with thetraccus- tomed neatness anddesjiatch. icverin better eou.litijii than now forthe prompt and, satisfactory filling of all orders in theirlin« of business.

Excess of adv«rti;ettonts inserted will be charg- ed propcrtiunattly to the autaber of squares bar- gained fur.


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