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The wife, Eleanor Hemmert, actually criticizes, and embarrasses her husband before all of America as she declares: I was livid watching the segment because it seems the media ALWAYS tries to use an overly-aggressive black woman and a passive, sour, unhappy-looking white man.I noticed the other couples they used all adjusted rather nicely to the husband's abrupt work departure.

But the one IR couple they featured included a wm/bw couple.

Wouldn't you know it, they chose an unhappy couple which featured a very belittling, and non-supportive wife.

Interracial love and spice is a forum of discussion and sharing for black women to celebrate and share their love,attraction and marriages to non-black men.....

My email is: [email protected] night’s ABC World News Tonight profiled an interesting story entitled “Male Nurses, Stay-at-Home Dads: New Norm? The story involved remarks, and commentary from several couples, most of them mono-racial.

The segment ended with the white wife crying happily to have her husband back, and the black wife screaming, shrieking, and locking him out of the bedroom! The truth is passive men come in ALL colors, and most wm are NOT passive!

The purpose of throwing these men under the bus is to make them as unattractive, and unappealing to non-white women as possible.

This is why women are often accused of wanting 'thugs'.

She may simply be drawn to his air of authority, but this is often confused with an attraction to his 'thugness'.

I'm sure you ladies know that most women (regardless of color) favor the take charge type man.

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