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I felt his cock through his soft shorts and rubbed it through the material. My lips closed on his cock and slid up and down his wet shaft.

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I stroked him until he came all over my hand and he did the same to me, We cleaned up and he left. So I messaged him on the cruising site again and we arranged to get to together so I could suck him off. About thirty seconds after he stepped through the door, I asked him if I could get down to business as he stood there in my living room.

He said "yes." I dropped to my knees and put my hand on his crotch.

I married her, so my bi-curiousity got put on hold. It took me awhile to adjust and get my life back together.

But eventually I decided to pursue my bi-curiousity and experiment.

I played with his clean shaven balls as I jerked him.

He played with my cock off and on, but mainly I justed wanted to get him off. I wanted to feel my lips around that massive hard fuck tool of his. I just couldn't get the idea out of my head of sucking his dick.

He started dripping cum on the floor and that sent me over the edge. I got a girlfriend in college who was at first turned on by the idea of a three way with a guy.

She wanted to see me suck a dick and get penetrated.

Finally, I did finish him with a nice handjob, firmly grasping his rock hard wet cock, sliding my hand up and down it. The next time I looked him up on the cruising site he had moved away. I would suck just about any body's cock who came to my front door, and I would make sure that they fully enjoyed it too. If only I knew, cuz I would have the taste of cum in my mouth all day and night.

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