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In another showing a soccer team he is smiling with the ball in his hands and a sweater with the letter 'I' on it.Mueller and Kerry are also together in a photo of the soccer team in which they pose wearing black and white striped shirts.Former CIA Director George Tenet has described Mueller as a 'high Protestant with a locked jaw, blue blazer, khaki pants, penny loafers, maybe a little Vitalis and Old Spice to boot'.

Smiling alongside John Kerry at their elite New Hampshire boarding school, this is Robert Mueller decades before before he began investigating Donald Trump's election campaign.

Mueller, who was born Robert Swan Mueller III, was a star student in the class of 1962 at St Paul's in Concord where fees today cost $60,000 a year.

In contrast Trump avoided being drafted with a series of deferments, then a medical exemption for bone spurs.

Mueller served as a US attorney in San Francisco and Boston before moving to Washington where he worked as a prosecutor on cases like the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

The contrast with Trump's childhood is stark - although it is the difference not between wealth and poverty, but between the son of a scrappy self-made man from Queens and the son of an establishment insider.

Elite: St Paul's in New Hampshire is one of the boarding schools of choice for 'conservative Wasp families'.

Kerry was also a decorated Vietnam officer as a Navy lieutenant, receiving the silver star, bronze star and three purple hearts.

His naval career came under scrutiny in his failed presidential run.

He also played hockey and lacrosse and became Isthmian captain in both sports.


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