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It is understandable but is not the answer, and your relationship is at risk.

So end the affair and concentrate on the relationship with your boyfriend.

It is available in excess and is one of the downsides of the digital age.

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The younger daughter might resent you because she is not used to sharing her mother, so she needs love and reassurance.

But her mother should be firm about a 9pm bedtime, and should not reward bad behaviour. If the elder daughter wants her boyfriend to stay during the week then they must go to bed and get up at a reasonable hour and clear up after themselves.

Try counselling with Cruse to help you through this: tel: 08, or visit uk.

I was playing on my brother’s i Pod when I discovered he had been visiting a porn site, so had pictures of topless beach babes.

Instead, visit and to meet men who are more suitable.

I am 40 and recently married a woman with daughters aged eight and 18.

They will object, but their mother should stand firm. I am 24 and we have been through a lot together – my mother’s death, my unemployment and depression. To lose your mother at only 24 is heartbreaking, especially as an only child.

But I am having an affair with his colleague, and I don’t know why. Do you have any extended family such as an aunt or uncle who you could talk to about your mother?

I do have feelings for this man, but I love my partner. I think you are having an affair because you are terrified of getting too close to your boyfriend for fear of not coping with another loss.

So this other man is like a security blanket in case the relationship with your boyfriend ends.

I am fun, pretty and independent, with a good job and my own house, but I cannot deal with my love life.

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