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” I think we’re all waiting for that, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with us being loud about it, us being loud that we are Asian American.I think it’s definitely important that that is happening.I think from then on it was like only really go up from here, and I think when I was in the Philippines that year, and I sold out a show in Manila, every single song I was singing, even the slow ones that I play only because I want to tell that story, even the slow ones with a lot of words and the verses and things like that, they were all singing along, and that is something that I can just take to the grave. Just being able to touch people with my music, with my original music and my stories, to have them relate to that, is a success in its own.

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And he was a pioneer of the Internet back in the day with Myspace and stuff. So to have Jeremy and Timothy De La Ghetto — I think I know is signed on Maker — our other friend Melissa Palmer, it’s good company, so it doesn’t really change what I’m doing. Right, and I don’t really care for monetizing covers either really. I don’t truly want to be making my paycheck off other people’s songs.

People do it, and that’s great so they can pay the bills and stuff, but I personally don’t want to do that. But, the other day — I was told to do this — if my snake is not eating frozen or thawed, then freshly kill it, so it’s still warm.

I got a lot of advice that Maker was the best one for me, and there are a lot of really great artists in that network including Jeremy Passion just signed, and he was a game-changer in the very beginning.

He was one of the first guys, especially Filipino Americans and probably one the of the first Asian Americans to put a video online; he put it on Spinatics of him singing “My Boo” by Alicia Keyes, Usher.

But I think Maker had the best and the friendliest vibe, at least for me.

I didn’t even talk to [NMR CEO] Benny about it when I was first signing, when I was first getting emails from networks.

Yeah, I don’t think it hinders anything; I think we are all part of the bigger picture, and as far as I’m concerned, I feel like I’ve done enough — not enough, I am going to keep striving to do more — but I know i’ve done a lot for the next generation of the Asian-American community as far as in entertainment, you know?

So I think as long as we keep being proud of it and not try to hide behind our race, I think we’ll be fine.

I don’t want to get a huge advance from a company and have to pay them back with hard work and I don’t even get to own my songs at the end of the day. I recently just signed with Maker Studios for You Tube network, and I’m not controlled creatively in any way at all, but I think companies like that are helping us out so we don’t have to conform to the big record label thing, you know?

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