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Exception: Thrown: "Die angegebene Umwandlung ist ungültig." (System. Invalid Cast Exception was thrown: "Die angegebene Umwandlung ist ungültig." Time: Thread:[5084] In the exception itself: When I use your example an exception on Date Time is thrown: An unhandled exception of type 'System. Additional information: Type of value has a mismatch with column type Couldn't store @digital-void, I'm using 2.2.0, which is the latest. Just to be absolutely sure, I created this failed repro commit on top of 2.2.0, with the timestamp_with_timezone column. Can you please try to run this specific unit test (not within your program) and confirm that on your setup produces an exception?

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Oracle Data Adapter and Oracle Data Table components are available for full . Thus, you cannot use disconnected model classes and Oracle Data Adapter in projects targeted . Rows(3)("DName") = "Researches" ' Update method executes the appropriate commands (delete, insert, or update) in the data source. Please refer to our Using Data Set Wizard and Using Data Set Manager articles.

New Line) End While End Using End Sub Sub Modify Dept(By Val connection As Oracle Connection) Dim command As Oracle Command = connection. Command Text = "UPDATE DEPT SET LOC='VEGAS' WHERE DEPTNO 20" ' return value of Execute Non Query (i) is the number of rows affected by the command Dim i As Integer = command. New Line) End Sub Sub Main() Using conn _ As New Oracle Connection("User Id=Scott; Password=tiger; Data Source=Ora;") Try conn.

New Line & "Rows in DEPT updated: ", i & Environment.

This tutorial describes only basic ways of working with data.

to be honest - I'd never worked with NUnit - so I've got to do some heavy reading first. So you're right - I'd just pasted your method Bug352() into my source - as it is - but with my connection member - and called it on click...

Update(Data Set data Set, String src Table) at Postgres Csharp Tests. Bug352() in d:\Projects\Postgres Csharp\Postgres Csharp Tests\Postgres Csharp Tests\Postgres Csharp Tests Main Form.cs:line 84 Inner Exception: with the line: m_Connection String. Argument Exception was unhandled HResult=-2147024809 Message=Type of value has a mismatch with column type Couldn't store in field_timestamp_with_timezone Column. Specifying a json or xml field as part of the table indeed triggers an error, but it's a backend 42804 error because npgsql sends values as text. However, it doesn't look like what you got, and moreover I can see no issue when inserting timestamps (with timezone or otherwise). Sorry that it took some time to write back - my internet connection was (is) down - I've got to work via mobile... Please look at my testcase and try to see if there's any real difference with your code. So - for the exception call stack - it only has external code - maybe I need to include the npgsql source for more information on this. Updating Row Status Errors(Row Updating Event Args row Updated Event, Data Row data Row) at System. But - when I have a row with some higher type, for e.g. I'm using Npgsql ( via Nu Get with Target Framework 4.5 But I also tried the Npgsql download version for and with 2.0 - same issue. Update From Data Table(Data Table data Table, Data Table Mapping table Mapping) at System. It's quite straight forward - and works well for the most primitive data types. Loading seems not to be the issue - the conversion from postgres to works fine - but on Update - the exceptions are thrown. This tutorial describes how to use Oracle Command, Oracle Data Reader, and Oracle Data Table components. Open() ' printing out the Dept table to console Module1.

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