Irish dating and wedding traditions

These traditions and rituals make Irish weddings stand out from the rest and help to give them a strong sense of identity and culture.

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The Irish hanky was used by the bride on the day of the wedding and was also used as a symbol for good luck.

This hanky was then turned in to a bonnet for the first born child to wear on the day of their christening and eventually used again as a hanky at their own wedding. The Irish were traditionally very superstitious and as you can see from the above points they were strong believers of good luck object.

The horseshoe has been used to represent good luck and traditionally Irish brides would carry a horse shoe with them on their wedding day.

The horse shoe was always worn facing upwards to ensure that the luck would never run out.

Irish weddings have their own set of traditions and rituals and a lot of them are dedicated towards promoting good luck.

The term “luck of the Irish” isn’t entirely based around leprechauns and the pot of gold!

As in: Waterloo, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow or Help Me Make It Through The Night. Among other choices on the list are: God Give Me Strength, Crazy, and The End of The World As We know It.

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