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If they did then they didn’t translate to me in this way.

The thing about receiving this feedback was that it was like a light bulb switch went off in my head and I could see how these issues were messing up my game but understanding what your problems are is ½ the battle.

This program, created by Brad P., is designed to show you how to text women to get them attracted to you, get dates, and get them into bed.

his methods that he explains about getting women to have sex with him in bathrooms is hilarious.

Just goes to show that there are a variety of methods and theories and tactics and techniques.

I would go into each set but it would take forever and most of my sets that night hooked and blew out like usual so it was not all that significant though the stuff we worked on earlier in the night really helped and I saw improvements in each set as the night went on and they gave me guidance as to what I was doing wrong.

The next day it was 3 more hours of class time all related to things we actually had to be there for.

The program offers three text methods options based on your skill set and comfort level.

Bonus items include: - 94 Proven Panty-Dropping Texts - Texting Sitcom Sequence - Bonus trial of 30/30 Club to learn advanced skills for meeting and dating women - Getting a woman to text you back - How to make her secret fantasy a reality - How long to wait to text her, and the best time - A text message to get her away from her jealous friends - How to immediately and accurately find quality women - What to send her to move her attention away from other guys - A technique to identify whether a woman is out of your league - Something that is done all night long to almost guarantee a date - Four words that will cause her to delete your number and your messages - How to get a woman’s full attention and force her to prove her value - Knowing what to say to keep a woman engaged, interested, and aroused - Using soap opera text routines to make get women uncontrollably aroused - Techniques to get her on a date or into your bed the same day you both meet - The reason your texts are not being answered by the woman that wants to screw you - Understanding how texting a woman is similar to sex and using it to rock her world - Recognizing the women who are serious about you from those that are only playing games 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Initial payment of .50 followed by another payment of .50 after 21 days (total ) Optional 30/30 Club trial.

I got up to a certain point and then just hit the wall. The only reason I ended up choosing Brad P’s Underground Dating Seminar was because it fit into my budget (though as word leaks I am sure the prices will keep rising), it was in NYC, it was during my spring break, and I heard good things about Brad P though I didn’t really know anything about his style or him.

I never heard of Glenn P at all so I was somewhat reluctant to sign up, but he was supposedly Brad P’s best student and the other factors matched up for me so I decided to go with him.

I must have done 30 , and one guy was told to do 20 in 60 minutes to help him with his approach anxiety.


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