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They very quickly figure out that I am very smart, and they are often very surprised by how smart I am. If you have been reading this far, you can see that the smarter someone is, the quicker they realize that they are dealing with a very smart person on the other hand.

I would say that the speed at which they recognize this almost correlates with IQ.

Instead I marvel at how much relatively brighter and more educated they are than most folks around here.

However, even though that is an objective fact, I rarely make myself aware of it. I live in a tough minority-heavy working class or even poor neighborhood. You can get hit anytime here for any reason if you disrespect someone or act like an idiot, so you have to be cool all the time.

This place is like the hood or the ghetto, except it’s Mexicans, so it’s a barrio, so it’s much more livable than a Black ghetto. Gay men and lesbians are certainly not welcome here at all.

So in my small city, there should be 60 people as smart or smarter than I am.

That assumes my city has an average (100) IQ, which is highly dubious.

Edit: I just did the math and at my city’s 93 IQ, there are exactly four people in this city who are as smart or smarter than I am. That means that if you got 1/4 of the population of my city together, I would be smarter than all of them!

You would have to get half the town in one place to get one person as smart as or smarter than I am. There’s a lot of drinking and there are some drugs too.

Quora is neat because there is an IQ section and there are frequent questions about IQ, often directed at high or very high IQ people. Well, those are valid questions and they need answering, so lots of high and very high IQ people on there jump in and answer those questions.

A lot are on the lines of How do very high IQ people think/react/live/feel etc. It’s completely socially acceptable to do that on there.

They see this right away and sometimes switch into “intellectual mode” (especially the Indian men).

I am probably smarter than most all of even these Indian and Arab men but I refuse to think about or even recognize that because I want to be on their level.

Even feminine men would have a real problem because here if you are a man, you have to be hard because if you’re not, you might get hit.


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