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(It’s about more than just looks, after all, unless you’re only going for a one-night stand.) You could look at her profile, pick out something she mentioned in her hobbies, and come up with a relevant question about it, e.g. Having a bunch of guys who are running around trying to pretend that they’re not trying to get in your pants, when really they are.

She knows perfectly well that you want to have sex with her.

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You have the platform to get to know your potential partner on an intellectual level.

You can weigh your options safely, without having to spend lots of money on coffee-shop dates and pub-hopping - only to come to the realisation two weeks later that this is not your ideal date.

If someone approaches you, the list of questions they have for you will flow freely, and nobody wants to pursue someone who is not sure of what they are seeking themselves.6. If the relationship moves forward, the truth will ultimately come out.

It’s best to be yourself right from the beginning rather than tell a daft lie, only to be found in the end.

If all has gone well, ask for a picture, if his/her profile lacks one,(the person might seem like a perfect fit, but looks matter to all of us, no matter what we say). When it leads to sexual chit-chat you will have to end it, because ultimately his/ her expectations have come to light.

Remember that this is a cyber relationship and that you cannot demand all the person's time, even if it's the most enjoyable pass time for you.

But that doesn't mean that you can't retain an air of mystery.

Expect questions in this sequence: Ask for a picture. Indulge into deeper conversations and see where it leads the two of you.

Choose a chat room appropriate for your age group and gender preference. Your eye will quickly be attracted to a specific nick.


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