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“Don’t you just hate it when a bae goes kray and totally ghosts you? You might use it in a sentence, like “dumped af”, “hot af”, or “old af writing team”. “Think of it as leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for someone to follow”, is how The Sun put it, which is a really creepy childlike fairytale way to say “this might not work out so you, as a cynical and potentially immoral person, are leading other people on just in case”. Similarly, everyone is fairly aware of the idea of “cuffing”, but the description of it in this A-Z of dating slang makes it sound less like a funny thing you laugh about with your mates when they stop coming on nights out in January to chill with their current dick appointment, and more like that bit in Planet Earth 2 where kindly old David Attenborough narrates the death of a tired old antelope who can no longer keep up with his pack.Honestly it does: “Serial singles pairing up for the colder months, when opportunities to get some are fewer and further between”.In order to ensure proper usage, all users must adhere to the following regulations and guidelines: Code of Conduct for the Use of Software and Datasets HEAnet Acceptable Usage Policy Anyone in breach of these regulations will be liable for the legal and disciplinary consequences of that breach.

) and b) there are people out there organising their weekends so well they’re putting it in spreadsheets. This time it’s a well-meaning, sweet but ultimately tragic guide to the A-Z of dating in 2017, decoding all those pesky acronyms that the kids use these days. You need to know the lingo to stand a chance in today’s cut-throat dating game.” Just let this sink in for a second: this is how people who work at tabloids think millennials speak.

Exhibit A (ripped out of the Fabulous section of the paper in incredulous excitement): And here’s a link as well because we’re millennials so obviously we live online. Here’s the whole thing decoded, because apparently it’s what we need to know, you guys. Af is, according to The Sun, the most important acronym of 2017 – despite the fact that it appeared as a term on Urban Dictionary six years ago in 2011.

Nobody has ever used this term outside of that bit on Crimewatch where they show you police sketches of dog fuckers and burglars.

Supposedly an acronym for making things “Facebook official”, which is problematic on a number of layers.

As in: “Yeah he’s cute but he keeps using these weird terms and acronyms so I guess I’m not meeting up with him IRL”.

Someone at The Sun has just started watching The Only Way is Essex and they are about the new hot slang they’re getting from it.Also includes full-text books, company profiles, country economic reports, market research reports, trade journals and business magazines.Coverage: Recordings from Hyperion, Bridge Records, Sanctuary Classics, Artemis-Vanguard, Hänssler Classic, and Vox.This, similar to zombieing, is supposedly when a “ghoster” returns to life to start liking all your posts.I’ve never heard anyone say this in my entire life.On its own the guide won’t teach you how to write in plain English.

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