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It is believed that the Terracotta Army wore scarves to prevent irritation from their armor as well as to protect them from the cold.

Traditionally, it is common practice to give a silk or white cotton scarf to people of a certain socioeconomic standing when visiting a temple or shrine.

Louis XIII of France enlisted many of these troops.

Archeologists have found what is believed to be a talisman known as the around the necks of mummies.

It is called that way because it resembles a knot used to secure the garments worn by Egyptian gods and is much older than the terrorist organization that is associated with the world “Isis” today.

Even some Indios of certain tribes in the Amazon and Aborigines in Oceania wear very little clothing but neckwear.

While it’s impossible to establish the specific time that modern man began to wrap knotted fabric around his neck, it is evident that neckwear has a tradition on a global scale and not just in the Americas and Europe.

Legend has it that the scarf as we know it today was introduced by the Romans based on the Column of Trajan, which can be found close to the Piazza Venezia in Rome.

The column was erected by Marcus Ulpius Traianus in the year 113 AD, and it features a scarf that was called a “focal,” which is unusual.

Since the population of Huang’s time had been decimated by war, it was decided to send along terracotta warriors into to the tomb instead of real soldiers.

Surprisingly, these soldiers wore broad scarves wrapped around their necks as you can see in the pictures.

This custom is still prevalent today and stems from the practices of the shamanistic divinities in the pre-Buddhist periods..

In 1618, Sweden and France joined forces against the Habsburg Empire, resulting in a war that lasted thirty years. Many believe that the Croatian troops serving under the King Louis XIII of France tied a wide collar in a knot, whereas others believe that it was the German army serving under Ferdinand II responsible for creating the cravat.

While regular soldiers wore what looks like a scarf that was tucked into their suit of armor, officers wore elaborately tied neckcloths.


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