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"By breaking the fantasy and his ability to live in it, she was killing any hope he had to save himself.That's why his impulse toward her was murderous–from a psychological perspective, she engaged in cyber homicide."Co-workers led the police to Montgomery.

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Throughout all this, neither Barrett nor Montgomery ever actually met the object of their mutual desire.

While a fatal feud for a mystery woman seems remarkable, Rex Beaber, a clinical psychologist and attorney who's quoted in the film, notes that the Jessi/Montgomery relationship could only have prospered as fantasy–and that breaking that fantasy made tragedy almost inevitable."When word got out about the sniper identity not being real, what [Jessi] did from Montgomery's point of view was a kind of homicide," Beaber told The Daily Beast.

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3)Any gathering of more than five people where over 50% are male.

Thomas Montgomery, 46, a machinist, Sunday School teacher, and former Marine from Clarence, New York, received a message in a gaming site chat room in spring 2005 from someone with the handle "talhotblond," who informed him that he was in the kids section."For the entire year and a half they communicated, he exhibited rage issues, and she continued to egg him on." Montgomery, using the handle "marinesniper," sent talhotblond–a lithe, fresh-faced 18-year-old West Virginia girl named Jessi–a 30-year-old picture of himself in military dress.The pair then seduced each other for months, as "Tommy" shared tales of combat in Fallujah, which Montgomery learned about by watching the news, while Jessi sent sizzling bikini photos and a split heart pendent that said "Jessi and Tommy forever." There was even serious talk of marriage.Concerned about the appearance of an older man mingling online with minors, Montgomery told talhotblond that he was on his father's account–and that he was really a buff, 18-year-old Marine named Tommy.The documentary talhotblond, directed by journalist Barbara Schroeder, was released this week on DVD, and tells the remarkable year-and-a-half-long saga of infatuation, deceit, and violence that followed, leaving one man dead, another imprisoned, and three families torn to shreds."He was clearly vulnerable, clearly a little off," said Schroeder.Schroeder includes several of the thousands of IMs that revealed the love, lust and scorn among the three in her film.

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