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Former commercial dairymen with 50 years’ experience raising champion Jerseys now offering raw milk. Dublin: Veldhuizen Family Farm, Stuart & Connie Veldhuizen, phone: 254-968-3098, email: [email protected], web:

Grade A Raw for Retail milk available from Jersey/cross cows. State certified (TX permit # H483218), offering Grade A raw milk from Jersey and Brown Swiss cows. Georgetown: Dyer Dairy, Aaron and Susan Dyer,7801 E.

Amarillo: Pereira Pastures Dairy, Abernathy TX listing for more information. Swiss milk has higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and is naturally lower in triglycerides. Bryan and College Station: Swede Farm Dairy, Tim or Lee Anne Carlson, Waller TX, phone: 832-659-7070 or 936-931-1863, Facebook: Swede Farm.

Listings (Click State Below) | Other Countries Commercial Availability of Real Milk | Online Ordering Important Notes about the Listings | How to Add, Update, or Remove a Listing Abernathy: Pereira Pastures Dairy, Albert Pereira, phone: 806-518-9081, email: [email protected] They are the first and only cow dairy in the state of Texas to be Animal Welfare Approved. In business for over 50 years, they sell milk, cheese, and butter from 100% registered Brown Swiss cattle.

They operate as an organic sustainable farm, preserving the native grasses and wild legumes of the south plains. Cows are pastured all year, given humane care, and receive no drugs, hormones, or steroids.

Find them online by searching for City Farm Austin on Yahoo Groups, Local, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Boyd: Dream Girls Dairy, Amanda, Robyn and James Peters, 313 CR 3598 Boyd TX 76023, phone: 214-783-3203, email: [email protected]

grass fed beef, raw local honey, goat soap, canned preserves, coconut oil and sugar. We are adding cows monthly along with other products.

They are located 20 miles North of Lubbock and are Lubbock County only Licensed Raw for Retail Dairy. Forestburg: Dry Valley Dairy, Charles Steadham, (1/10 mi off Hwy 1749 on Dry Valley Rd, near Forestburg in Montague County), phone: 940-964-2549, email: [email protected] Licensed raw cow milk retailer offering milk and cream. Call or email for more information or to arrange a pick up. Lindsay/Gainesville: Circle N Family Dairy, Tommy & Michelle Neu, 2074 CR 446 Gainesville TX 76240 (5 mi N of Lindsay, 10 mi W of Gainesville from Hwy 82 and I-35 intersection. 82 West through Lindsay, and turn on FM 1199 North 5 miles and the dairy is located on County Rd. State certified (TX permit # 483209), offering Grade A raw milk and cream. Llano (serving the Hill Country): Icthus Ranch, Denae, phone: 325-423-4439, email: [email protected], Facebook.

They offer raw milk, raw A2 milk, cream, sour cream. Other products are available through their herdshare program. Greenville: Clementine’s Dairy, (located at Rehoboth Ranch) Mark and Hillary Hutchins, 2238 County Rd. Hico: Triple M Jersey Farm, (1 hour SW of DFW), email: raw [email protected] 446.), phone: 940-372-0343, email: [email protected], web: Milk shares available in herd of Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian dairy goats.Farmersville: N&P Farm & Dairy, LLC, Lyn and Steve Horton, 713 CR 610 Farmersville, Texas 75442, phone: 972-658-0291, email: [email protected] 1081, Greenville TX 75401 (45 mi NE of Dallas), phone: 903-456-1850, email: [email protected], web: Currently operating with a Grade A “Raw” for Retail Milk License, Permit #481915. /Gallon La Coste: Miller Farms (15 mi W of San Antonio), phone: 210-508-1733, email: [email protected], web: All does and kids are on native pasture, with plenty of browse.They offer Grade A raw cow and goat milk, as well as other dairy products. Formerly Rehoboth Ranch, the Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy has passed down a generation and is now operated by Robert’s son Mark and daughter-in-law Hillary, and their two children. They sell raw milk from their herd of registered Jersey cattle. Houston: Jacksonville: Buttercup Farms, Monroe and Ann Mc Anally, 975 County Road 4106, phone: 903-586-9249 or 903-284-4444. The does are currently hand-milked and on 305 day DHIA- with butterfat and protein staying in the 5-6% range. Lubbock: Lorena: Crystal Creek Farms, Ben and Debbie Glinsmann, 810 S.Herd is kept small to promote tameness in the does and dam-raised kids.They are moving toward animal power for some of the farm work.The cows are on green grass with a very low grain diet, no soy is fed. They also sell pastured eggs, beef, and pork all raised on the farm. Hwy 29, Georgetown TX 78626, phone: 512-638-0415, email: [email protected], web: Note that they do produce non-homogenized whole milk for sale from Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Jersey and Ayrshire cattle fed a non-GMO diet.


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