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Scot Mc Kay, dating coach and founder of X & Y Communications, said after establishing a relationship with someone online, it is a telltale sign of deception if that person is reluctant to meet in person.

“The more self-confident and the less likely they are to disappoint you, the quicker they will want to meet you," Mc Kay said.

MTV is launching a new reality TV series called “Catfish” that tells the story of couples involved in online relationships as they meet in person for the first time. The show is a spinoff of the documentary where filmmaker Nev Schulman’s entire relationship begins to unravel as he realizes the young, photographer-musician beauty he fell in love with online is really an overweight, middle-aged housewife.

The film was received with mixed reviews and some controversy, mostly involving the authenticity of the film.

Nope, Scot is a man of high moral character, while still providing good actionable content. So, when I first heard the title of Scot’s new program “Female Persuasion” I wasn’t sure what to think because I always thought of persuasion as a bit manipulative.

Like as in “I persuaded her to get in my bed…” and Scot has always been against manipulative dating tactics.If you live in a city with millions of people and can't get a date, Mc Kay said, “You need to look in the mirror.” People who develop long-term relationships that remain online are not in love with an actual person but a fantasy, he continued.Although you have communicated with a person online, he or she is still a stranger, he said.Scot is now a happily married man, with young children…definitely different from the PUA type of dating experts we’ve seen so much of.However, when I got into the content I came to understand what it’s all about… In a nut shell, as Scot explains you take on a “cutting-edge mindset and the simple real-world practices that go along with it…” he also explains this as being a sort of “masculine wiles”, an innate power you have with the ability to put women into what Scot refers to as a “feminine trance of adoration”. That’s another thing I like about Scot’s work, it’s original as in he actually comes up with this stuff himself rather than just copying other people the way a lot of these so called goo-roos do.


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  3. Members can constrain their interactions to the online space, or they can arrange a date to meet in person.

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