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It's a real pleasure to see them truly develop over a relatively short period of time.James Duncan, Thinkful mentor since 2013 It shocks me that there are still as few female software engineers as there were when I started out many moons ago!All physical locations are highly protected, and only authorized personnel can access them.

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This link will only work for Public Accounts (and not bots), as the account must have a Public Chat.

The scheme for this link is: Every published Public Account is assigned a landing page.

This link is best used when sending links that will be opened on a computer.

From there the user can decide whether to open the account on their phone by using the QR code on the page, or to download Viber for Desktop.

Our friends at Viking School and Free Code Camp articulated this journey beautifully One of the best things about being a Thinkful mentor for me is passing along tips and tricks I've picked up from my over 15 years of on the job experience to my Thinkful students.

This allows them to break through learning barriers and gain new insights into ways to approach everyday coding challenges.

Jacquie Howard, Thinkful mentor since 2015 Mentors (and mentoring) are a key component of every developers education.

In my personal development mentors have played a critical role, advancing and adding skills at every step of my career.

We have multiple global endpoints to provide users with low latency access to CA Flowdock. You can export your 1-to-1 messages and flows' contents by opening your Export data page.


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