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Evidence of humans exerting some control over wild grain is found in Israel in 20,000 BCE.

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There is some evidence of that humans used and controlled fire as far back as 1.9 mya, while artifacts from various archeological sites give a range of dates: 1.7 mya (Yuanmou, China); 1.5 mya (Koobi Fora, Kenya); 1.42 mya (Chesowanja, Kenya); 1.0 mya (Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa); and 830,000-500,000 BCE (Trinil, Indonesia).

Despite these tantalizing discoveries, many scholars believe that man (specifically The date that humans began cooking food is the subject of much debate.

A majority of anthropologists believe that cooking began about 250,000 BCE, when evidence of hearths began appearing in human settlements in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Pottery is defined by some as any fired ceramic wares that contain clay when formed, while some archaeologists restrict pottery to ceramic vessels.

Phase five is the Microlithic, characterized by the first multi-part, or composite tools, such as those fastened to a stone or wooden haft. The last phase, the Neolithic, extended from 10,000 BCE to between 45 BCE.

Neolithic toolmaking is characterized by ground or polished implements made of non-flaking materials.

Fire provided early humans with a source of light and warmth, protection from pests and predators and the ability to cook food.

Because fire naturally occurs through lightning strikes, it can be difficult to distinguish between man-made and natural fire in the archaeological record.

In many areas, the next phase was the Mousterian, which lasted from 300,000 BCE to 28,000 BCE and produced smaller and sharper knife-like tools and scrapers.

In Europe, these mostly flint tools were identified with the Neanderthals.

The oldest known agricultural settlement is in Cyprus, dating from 9100-8600 BCE.


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