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However for years it has been regarded as the national dog of France, where it was commonly used as a retriever as well as a traveling-circus trick dog. It is known that this breed has been around for at least 400 years throughout Western Europe.

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The tail is straight and carried up sometimes docked of length to insure a balanced outline. Toes are arched, with thick hard pads for good cushioning. We have Toy Poodle Puppies For Sale, please support our Toy Poodle breeders!

The Toy Poodle has a beautiful coat that is a single layer and completely non-shedding.

It is alert, responsive, playful, and eager to please.

While the standard Poodle has a high playfulness with other dogs the Toy poodle is a little less enthusiastic.

This breed has become one of the most popular dog breeds ever.

The Toy Poodles intelligence is renowned; they can be taught all different tricks through various skill levels.Some may chose to have a pompon on the end of the tail."English Saddle Clip" the face, throat, feet, forelegs, and base of tail are shaved, leaving puffs on the forelegs and a pompon on the end of the tail. The rest of the body is left in full coat but may be shaped in order to insure overall balance."Continental Clip" in this clip the face, throat, feet, and base of the tail are shaved.The hindquarters are shaved with pompons on the hips.Poodles are supposed to have originated in Germany, where it is known as the Pudel or Canis Familiaris.The English word Poodle comes from the German Pudel , meaning to splash in the water.The Toy Poodle is a very energetic, intelligent, and elegant appearing small dog.

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