Laboratory eight dating of rocks fossils and geologic events

This course covers the conservation of soil and water resources.The management techniques necessary for conservation will be stressed.It will help students understand differences in lenses, filters, and other attachments to produce creative photographs.

laboratory eight dating of rocks fossils and geologic events-37

Students will gain exposure to some theories of color, design, and composition.

Study of the techniques and concepts of painting, with an emphasis on design and creative expression.

A basic course in watercolor with emphasis on materials and various techniques.

This course will explore composition and color in an experimental approach to landscape, still life, figure and contemporary modes.

This provides the student with the opportunity to experience the world of work in conjunction with their program of study.

One semester hour of credit is equivalent to forty-five (45) contact hours.Students will be required to complete five (5) different projects.This course will introduce students to digital camera use and creative use of accessories.Reading and writing are complementary acts; strengthening the one also strengthens the other.In this class students will learn strategies for reading with understanding and writing with insight and clarity.This course is an introduction to painting in oil and acrylics.


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