Rates for consolidating debts in canada

International business The Bank took the lead in launching the comprehensive financial services platform “cross-border e ” for cross-border e-commerce among peers, so as to provide “whole process, on-line and onestop”services for customers.

The Bank also kept the overall asset quality of loans to small and micro enterprises stable by promoting new business models, optimising early warning tools and timely identifying high-risk areas.

Cost advisory service Cost advisory service is the Bank’s unique fee-based business product with a strong brand.

The number of universities and hospitals cooperated with the Bank through“Yinxiaotong” and “Yinyitong” channels increased by 732.

The Bank’s position in the fiscal service market was stable.

In 2016, the volume of international settlement amounted to US$1.27 trillion, and the total volume of cross-border RMB settlement was RMB2.53 trillion, generating income from international settlement of RMB4,157 million.

Asset custodial business The Bank proactively responded to changes in the capital market, enhanced marketing towards high quality customers, and constantly strengthened the standard of intensive operation service and the core competitiveness of custodial business.

At the end of 2016, according to the categorisation policy of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2011 as well as the CBRC’s latest regulatory requirements, loans to small and micro enterprises were RMB1,441,892 million, an increase of RMB164,013 million or 12.83% over 2015.

The number of small and micro enterprise borrowers was 308,923, an increase of 56,979 over 2015, and the availability rate of loan applications for small and micro enterprises was 90.91%, up by 5.98 percentage points over 2015, fulfilling the regulatory requirements of“Three No Less Than”.

Furthermore, the Bank continued to expand its financial service influence in the fields of education, health and medical care.

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